Miryang’s Cheonggyecheon

The small city I live in (Miryang [밀양] pop. ~95,000) is doing a bit of urban renewal.

Like many Korean cities it covered over smaller streams in the 1960s-70s, and is now uncovering them and making them far more attractive than they ever were. While this negatively impacts automobile traffic, the aim is to increase foot-traffic. Miryang has added a board-walk / wooden bridges along and repeatedly across, and added two small ampitheaters, each seats maybe 200.  It’s a really nice effect, with large granite stones along most of the banks, a couple fountains here and there, and the boardwalk/bridges is really cool, can traverse much of downtown this way, away from traffic. (We can question whether money should be spent like this, but at least it came out nice, not just more concrete!)Miryang-Cheonggyecheon-Ampitheatre

Today we saw break-dancers and some traditional musicians putting on a show. It’s only 5 minutes from my home, and behind me (the photographer) is beautiful Miryang River, and one minute walk to one of Korea’s three great pavilions, Yeongnamru.


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